What We Do

Halcyon Wealth Advisers deliver a holistic analysis of your financial position. Working as a team, we partner with you to drive your financial ambitions with independent market insight, strategic guidance, financial planning, investment selection and administrative support. We employ a unique blend of financial advice and investment management to realise your financial potential.
Financial Planning – Our Process
The advice we provide comes from a proven planning process. This ensures that you receive advice that applies directly to your circumstances. Halcyon delivers this advice by the following process:


Corporate Super
Superannuation is the major structure through which employees will accumulate wealth.

Halcyon Wealth Advisers have access to leading superannuation providers and industry experts, and are able to guide you through the complexities of superannuation and to work with you in selecting the most effective superannuation arrangement for your individual business’ needs. We are committed to providing a holistic service offering benefits to the client business both directly and through the goodwill generated by the provision of benefits to its employees.

We can review and report on your present superannuation arrangements, and offer advice and implementation support where an opportunity exists for these arrangements to be improved. Improvements can quite often be made in areas including investment and insurance options and administration arrangements.

Services provided to employer

  • co-ordinate reviews and provide recommendation on default super fund
  • recommend default investment and insurance for default fund
  • review group insurance arrangements every three (3) years
  • conduct online surveys for employees with reporting to employer
  • co-ordinate and facilitate policy committee meetings (if required)
  • provide web based event registration and reporting for proposed seminars
Services provided to employees

  • seminars on superannuation and default fund up-dates
  • educational seminars on super strategies
  • tailored seminars on financial topics requested by employees
  • free initial consultation when seeking financial planning advice
  • discounted financial plans for all default superannuation members
  • subscribed to online newsletters & articles
Personal Super
Superannuation is a concessionally taxed structure in which all Australians accumulate money to fund their retirement.  Their are a number of possible solutions for personal superannuation depending on individual needs and circumstances.  From the most simple solution such as an Industry Fund, all the way through to a more sophisticated solution such as a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

For further information on SMSF’s please see our SMSF’s page.

For more information on corporate superannuation services for employers and/or employees please contact us.

SMSF’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Self Managed Superannuation Fund?
A self-managed super fund is a superannuation vehicle which is run by you for you. As a member and trustee of your own self managed super fund you are in control of the investment decisions.

Legislation now requires all members of self-managed super funds to be trustees of the fund. Each fund must have two individual trustees or in the case of single member funds, the member can be trustee through the use of a special purpose trustee company.

The structure of a self-managed super fund is essentially the same as one managed by an institution. The major difference is that you are in total control of the investment strategy and specific investments within the fund.

Who can have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund?
“Just about anyone” is the easy answer to this question. The legal requirements to have funds in superannuation include:

  • Anyone who is under 70 years of age, employed for more than 10 hours a week and earning an income from that employment
  • Anyone who already has money in another superannuation fund, Approved Deposit Fund or any other form of rollover investment
When is a Self Managed Super Fund a cost effective option?
A SMSF is usually most cost effective when assets exceed $150,000. It is best suited to investors seeking maximum control and transparency and who are willing to accept responsibility of being trustee for their fund.

There are many issues to consider before making the commitment to establish a self managed superannuation fund, such as:

  • the financial and time burdens of operating a self managed superannuation fund
  • your responsibilities as a trustee to comply with the legislation, and
  • determining whether you have a sufficient amount of money to contribute to the fund to make it viable.

You should also ensure you have the appropriate combination of asset levels, investment diversification and expertise to manage the fund successfully. We strongly recommend you consult a qualified professional to discuss whether a self managed superannuation fund is the best retirement saving option for you.

What are the responsibilities of the Trustees?
Trustees of self managed superannuation funds are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the running of the fund. It is imperative that each trustee understands the duties, responsibilities and obligations of being a trustee.

Before implementation of a self managed superannuation fund, we recommend you read this publication from the Australian Taxation Office entitled “Trustee Duties and Responsibilities”.

What are the advantages of a Self Managed Super Fund?
There are four main benefits of managing your own super fund:

  • Control – you choose how your assets are invested. With our assistance you can monitor how those investments perform and make appropriate investment decisions
  • Flexibility – As you have total control of your fund, you can switch or modify investments as you see fit. And you’ll be able to make prompt ‘corrections’ to your investment plan. You can link your fund with your overall financial plan. For example, your self-managed super fund can be used for both accumulating assets during your working life and for income during retirement by converting to an allocated pension
  • Tax Savings – Superannuation funds can use credits from franked dividends to reduce the 15% tax rate. In a self-managed fund you are in a better position to plan your investments to reduce this tax rate. In fact, some strategies can reduce this down to an effective tax rate of 0%
  • Cost Savings – To quantify whether a self managed super fund is right for you we provide a fee analysis of your current superannuation arrangements and the cost savings from implementation of a self-managed fund.
How much will my Self Managed Super Fund cost me to run?
The cost of setting up a Self-Managed Superannuation Funds varies depending on the complexity of the implementation and the time involved. The compliance requirements will usually cost around $1,500 per annum, including the ATO superannuation supervisory levy.

In comparison, managed superannuation funds can charge up to 5% on contributions made while annual management charges (MER) are 1.75% on average.

What can my Self Managed Super Fund invest in?
The SIS legislation gives you ample latitude to judge for yourself the merits of investment opportunities as they arise.

You can invest in literally anything you choose, provided it fits the fund’s overall investment strategy and passes the “sole purpose test” within the legal guidelines.

The trustees (you) must still ensure that investments are made only after considering a number of questions including:

  • Is the investment for the sole purpose of providing for my retirement?
  • Is the investment consistent with my Investment Strategy?
  • Does the investment breach any of the Investment standards?
How do I establish a Self Managed Super Fund?
There are a number of steps that you must follow including:

1. Establishment and purchase of a Trust Deed
2. Appointment of Trustees to the fund
3. Election to become a regulated fund
4. Obtain the necessary taxation registrations
5. Establish a Bank Account for the fund
6. Establish an Investment Strategy for the fund
7. Ensure the ongoing compliance requirements are met each financial year.

How can we help you?
If a SMSF is right for you, we can coach you through the entire set-up process of your fund.

Our SMSF packages have been competitively priced to ensure your self managed superannuation fund remains compliant and operates within the legislation requirements. We offer the following services:

  • Full financial analysis of your current situation to explore your options and assist you with making a confident financial decision
  • Development of a formal Investment Strategy for your fund
  • Assisting with the choice of Corporate Trustee or Individual Trustees – depending on your situation and estate planning requirements
  • Preparation of new trust deeds and the upgrade of existing Trust Deeds
  • We offer as part of our package an ongoing administration system and yearly taxation reports
  • Ongoing annual reporting requirements – we provide our clients with the full financial reporting required to meet the ATO compliance requirements.

We offer the flexibility for you to choose the services you require. We a offer a total package deal or individual services as required. Fees will be discussed and fully disclosed to you, before we start work.

Wealth Creation

We are specialists in structuring investment plans covering diversified asset classes. We work with a broad spectrum of investment managers to offer our clients a range of investment opportunities that can be specially selected to build a personal portfolio that suits your current financial position and future goals. All investment products are carefully selected and approved by the Madison Financial Group Investment Committee before being offered to our clients. For your financial security the Committee analyses, reviews and comments on the various investment structures that are presented to us by a wide range of providers.

Types of wealth creation investments & strategies:

  • gearing strategies
  • savings strategies
  • tailored children education investment plans
  • tax minimisation investments & strategies
  • superannuation strategies
  • salary packaging

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is essential to have a comfortable retirement. We can deliver ways to accumulate retirement assets by selecting the appropriate investment solutions. We can also ensure that your retirement income is maximised by taking advantage of the concessions under taxation and social security laws.

With the new transition to retirement laws, you should seek advice many years before you retire to determine the most efficient and suited strategy to build your wealth for retirement.

Make an appointment with us today. It could make a lifetime difference.

Personal Insurance

Enjoying life is all about living for today. But it’s not always easy if you’re worried about tomorrow.

As well as building wealth, a balanced financial plan also ensures financial security by taking adequate insurance to cover death, ill health or disability – giving peace of mind to you and your family. We will ensure that your financial position is protected with the right cover and with maximum tax deductibility.

We will provide ongoing support and advice in the event of a claim to ensure that you are compensated in an accurate and timely fashion.

So, while injury and illness will never be painless, personal life insurance means you can avoid impact on your personal finances.

For more information on personal insurance options please contact us.

Business Insurance

Have you thought about how you will pass on your business to capable hands when you’re ready to retire? Working with your business advisers, we can prepare a proper business succession plan.

You’ve shared the highs and lows of building and running a business as well as your personal ups and downs. You’ve probably shared social occasions and know each other’s spouse and children. In many ways your lives are probably entwined.

  • What if something happened to you or another partner in your business?
  • Could your business finances be unravelled to buy out your partner’s family for their share of the business?
  • Is your business debt secured by personal guarantees over assets such as your home?
  • What would you tell your business partner’s family if those personal guarantees were called in?
Now is the time to discuss the what if’s. It’s also the time to put plans in place to decide what would happen if you or another business partner suddenly left the business. To decide who would take over and how the business would be valued.

Business insurance is not just about securing the future of your business. It’s also about securing the future of those you care about and who rely on you for financial support.

For more information please contact us.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a vital component in any financial plan. Careful consideration and attention needs to be taken to ensure where and how your assets will be distributed after your death, this may sound like a simple process but can be quite complex and needs specialist attention.

Successful Estate Planning ensures that the correct financial structures and arrangements are in place to protect a family’s interest in the most tax effective way possible now and in the future.

Halcyon Wealth Advisers aim to help you identify the objectives and goals of your estate plan and co-ordinate with a solicitor and/or an accountant to prepare a successful estate plan for you. There are various issues that need to be addressed when creating an Estate Plan.

Halcyon Wealth Advisers, in conjunction with suitable legal and accounting practitioners can assist with providing:
  • Wills, Power of Attorney and Guardianship
  • Enduring Power of Attorney’s
  • Ownership of Assets and Passing of Assets
  • Administration of an Estate
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Estate Planning Trusts
  • Tax returns of an Estate and Capital Gains Tax
  • The passing of non-estate assets such as superannuation and life insurance proceeds.
  • Business Succession Planning